Monday, June 27, 2011

Motab at Wolftrap

Steve and I couldn't find any takers for our extra tickets to Wolftrap, so we took the boys.  Hindsight suggests that perhaps going ourselves would have been the better and more relaxing route.  Hindsight is also 20/10 and we're going to chalk one up for exposing the boys to good music.

 **The kiddo on the left MIGHT have tooted really loudly right on the poor gentlemen trying to have a date with his wife (on the right).  And it MIGHT have been between songs and super quite when that happened.  And it MIGHT have made me think that one of my friends would never have done that.  And it MIGHT have made everyone in earshot laugh.**


  1. HA ha ha!! You took the boys two motab? Totally didn't realize that. Too funny. :) Luke is such a little tooter.

  2. Well, how many people have the distinction of having brought comic relief to a MoTab concert? Luke is of the proud, the few, the brave.

  3. Gotta love boys! Hope the concert was great! We had no idea that they were around here too. Oh well, maybe next time. Your boys are adorable.

  4. ohhhhhhh, wolftrap??? We misses that place!! We would have gone with you guys fo sho! Though it sounds like taking the boys was good fun for lots of people! :)