Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and Going Postal

Happy Valentine's Day!  That is my shout out folks and now. . . . 

Last week when I pulled in to the school parking Niko and Luke both started vehemently protesting the need to go.  "Mom, WHY do I have to go to school?  When will I never have to go again?"  "Why does the government make me go to school?"  (Sorry, wasn't sure who else to blame).  

Remembrances of "sick days" when I was allowed to ditch school for a lunch date with Dr. Mom flashed through my mind and I quickly reversed out of the parking lot.  Tears turned to whoops of excitement when I announced that we were heading to the National Postal Museum.  Best. Sick. Day. Ever!
Coolest exhibit.  The boys could have played in the big rig cab for hours.  

Boys wondered how to get into that plane.  Mom was glad said plane was dangling suspended from the very high ceiling.  

Finally taller than the wheel.   

Not quite as tall as the wheel yet.  

We wandered into the Union Station Barnes and Noble after the museum.  

Is this my daughter or what?

Hazel has seriously hit the "almost two's" recently as evidenced by this picture and the one below. 

This was my favorite part of today.  In case you can't read 5 year old scrawl it says, "Ye shall not believe in one man, only the Savior."  He read this to us at family home evening and then made us stand up and repeat after him.  I guess he is continuing his mother's legacy of making up scripture.  

The End.  


  1. Love it. Totally want to do a sick day like that for my kids. Love the pictures of Hazey. so cute. And Holy Cow...she's already reading science fiction?? She IS your daughter. :) I think Niko's scripture is holy adorable. :)

  2. I remember one of yours: "For unto you is born this day, a Savior unto every child." Mary 1:1. You and Nikolai have some prophetic genes.

  3. That's the cutest picture ever of Luke looking out the window of the truck. I hope you know how much I love to see these pictures of your darling children.

  4. I love every part of your day!

  5. At long last I'm seeing precious pictures of all of you ( except for no Steve-put him in next time). I love Hazel's hair. The kids are truly growing like weeds. But they're precious flowers.
    Love you all, Grammy Marilyn