Sunday, February 13, 2011


This product has seriously revolutionized my life.  Before said product, cracked bleeding knuckles with what looked like little paper cuts all over my fingers was the norm all winter long.  I'd tried everything from slathering on vaseline and sleeping with socks on my hands to crazy Emu Oil.  Nothing worked.  

Until this miracle cream that is.  I bought it for my kids and slathered in on one night as an afterthought because it was open . . . Angels started to sing and I knew that this lotion was true.  Okay, well not really.  But it works baby, it really works.  
*This is not a paid advertisement.  I just really truly love this stuff.


  1. Mainly, I just loved that you tried emu oil. :)

  2. Mainly, I'm just glad you posted!

  3. Hey, thanks for the post. I've seen this at our local target and always wondered about it. I am going to pick some up.