Wednesday, February 16, 2011


*Per your requests, here is a link to the Kazaxe site where you can watch a video of the teacher dancing like she just don't care.  Yep, kind of like Zumba.  

Tonite Nicole and I did Kazaxe (pronounced Ka-za-shay) with teacher Azuka-Bom at a studio called KZX.  Did all those letters confuse you?  Me too.  Here is the entrance to the underground dance studio (aka cafeteria).  There was also a security guard patrolling in front of the dumpsters:

And here (thanks to Nicole's iphone) I** am shakin my groove thang along with the other 300 people there.  Insanity!  (I can't believe I'm about to publish this).  Notice I am not doing what the rest of the people in the picture are doing.  I think I might need to go a couple more times to learn the dance moves.

**Eyes courtesy of a photoshopy type of program.  


  1. What exactly is it? What's the dance and music style? What's the draw that it gets so many people out? Just curious....

  2. Yes, what IS It? Is it like Zumba?

  3. looks awesome, i love how sketchy that place looks - were happy you made it out alive