Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1) I LOVE these teas.  Tasty with a purpose.  My favorite is this one.  I like it even without a cold.  

2) Want photoshop but don't want to pay out the wazoo?  Try Acorn. 

3) I so want one of these!  Would make a great gift for your photog friend. 

4) Doesn't this make you long for a night out on the town?  On sale too. 

5) My friend Kris makes this dip.  Crack cocaine I tell you.  You will lick the bowl.

6) Fascinating read. 

7) Been watching this on PBS.  Enthralled.  

8) Wow!  With a pair of leggings or jeans - be still my heart

9) This site has tons of fun video games for kids. 

10) Happy clock

*For some reason blogger won't change some of my links to green.  whatever.  i just made them bigger for you.  enjoy.


  1. Another great list. I'm excited to give Acorn a try!

  2. I'm gonna have to try the dip (when the kids go to bed of course. It looks so yummy! I couldn't get the PBS video to come up. Thought I'd let you know. The purse is cute too. Someday...