Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1) Interesting article from my Dad.  This ones for you Ben.  Starting out the year right :).

2) Lovely read.

3) Fabu pillow.

4) Lovin these shoes.  A little sporty, a little sassy.

5) LOVE this retro dress.  And especially this one!

6) My favorite iphone game right now.  And here is the perfect present for anyone addicted to this game.
I'm not the only one in my family that happens to like this game:

7) Absolutely perfect draperies.

8) Awesome men's briefcase - Valentines perhaps?  Also love this one.

9) Wouldn't this swim suit spice up your summer?

10) I want to blow up this card and put it on my wall and then I want to jump into it.


  1. The draperies and the swimsuit are my favorite! If only...

  2. Very interesting article... kinda makes me want to start Sophie in piano yesterday! Also love the shoes - and if you get that dress, I think you tot def should have your pic snapped posed like the model. ;)

  3. LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mary. Glad to know my protests have been good for something. Here's a really interesting response to the Chinese Mother article http://chicagoboyz.net/archives/18962.html

  4. Oh, and I love the Angry Birds shout out.

  5. THANK YOU for posting that picture. I am totally buying a bigger print and putting that in my house! I absolutely adore it.