Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) To die for boots.  My sister introduced me to these - in fact I left her house with her gray pair that are now mine.  Lovely sister :). 

2) In love with this bag.  I know it's a "diaper bag" but really the crushed velvet is just calling to me.

3) This website had me at hello.  "Recommended reading for cool kids and young rebels."

4) Seriously rad t-shirts.

5) Cool coasters.  No really. 

6) Love these little owls.

7) Good husband gift.  My hubbie and I tried these out in a toy store and they really were that fun.

8) Another favorite kids book.  Mine was illustrated by Susan Jeffers.  But this rendition looks pretty stunning as well.

9) Retro toy.  Never goes out of style. 

10) LOVE this dress -- perhaps with a little half tee or something underneath.  And this -- modest too. 

11) And since I only had 9 a couple weeks ago, here is another one, just for kicks.  Absolutely darling vintage necklace.  And speaking of vintage things, I want this cape.

12) Last one, really.  Glasses - cheap, stylish, started by a bunch of guys out of wharton.  They've truly thought of everything.


  1. I'm buying those boots...maybe in every color! Love the coasters. And the book website? AWESOME. How do you find all this wonderfulness? However you do it, thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been crushing on that bag since petunia picklebottom came out with the cake line a few years ago! Someday... This is a great list. I need some new glasses!

  3. Dude, get back on the blogging stick. :)

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