Monday, December 6, 2010

It's the little things

My husband and I were religiously watching a program on BYU TV called Wind at My Back.  Created by the makers of Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea, it is a drama set in a small Canadian town during the depression.  It warms my heart every time I watch it.  Much to my chagrin, about half way through the series, it started over.  We were just 2 seasons away from the series finale folks and boom, back at the beginning.  I felt like my legs had been taken out from under me. . . okay, maybe I'm being a little melodramatic, but still, it hurt - like finding pages missing in the middle of someone else's really juicy diary.   
So tonite, I'm sitting at my desk to begin a blog post and my husband starts reading me a text from his telephone: 

"Dear Steve, Thank you for taking the time to write.  We always appreciate hearing from those interested in our station and its programs.  Like your family, several other viewers really enjoyed Wind at My Back, but a lot started watching the program in the middle. These viewers called and emailed us, asking when we would start the series over again.  Our programming department decided that we would start over with the seasons so all of our viewers could be caught up in the story.  They have told us that the series will continue with season five in January.  I hope this answered your questions and that you will still enjoy the series.  If you have any other questions please feel free to write us an email or call the number listed below.  Have a lovely day!  Monica, BYUTV."

Be still my heart.  My joy at hearing WAMB would continue in January was eclipsed only by my sweet husband's surprise to me.  Writing to BYU TV to find out when the show would begin -- such a small thing right?  The more of life I see, the more I realize that the important things in life are always the little things.   


  1. Go Steve-o! Hip hip hooray for such great men in our lives. :)

  2. Yea for husbands who still manage to give us butterflies...even this far into marriage. I'm glad your show is coming back too.

  3. Just checked my library and have the first season on hold! Thanks for introducing me, I love Anne of Green Gables and can't wait to get into this.