Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) Restoration Hardware Knock-off.  LOVE IT.

2) Darling bucket.  Love the entire site.  Also love these sap buckets and these tiles.

3) Ruffly camera strap covers.

4) Sweet Bag.  Not sweet outfit on the model.

5) Coconut oil products.  CJane always plugs these and since I love coconut oil I thought I'd add my "I think this is cool" as well.

6) Even as a kid, shawls seemed somehow romantic to me.  I guess that is one thing about me that hasn't changed.  The 2 in these links charm me.  

7) Totally gaga over these!

8) 4 steps to easy entertaining.

9) Fun advent calendars --  1, 2 and one awesome unbreakable nativity.

10)  Favorite Christmas Card sites. 1, 2 and 3.


  1. Thanks for your comment. I love that idea about the roles of Jesus. I'm going to hang on to that for the future when they're a little bit older and it has more chance of resonating.

  2. can you please tell me what to do with coconut oil?
    i bought some because i remembered you praising it and now i don't know what to do with it!