Friday, November 5, 2010

Ice Skating

Basketball, volleyball, and soccer are the sports bandied around by Steve and myself as we try to plan our kids' futures.  Ice skating and hockey have never been part of the dialogue.  

After all it's been years since these old shins have met an ice skate and they weren't particularly comfortable if memory serves me.  This week my kiddos got their first taste of ice skating thanks to Aunt Sally's marvelous tip about dollar skating. 

First there was hesitancy and fear of falling.   It all ended however with promises that they could indeed come again and even a few tears from Mr. Luke who "loved" skating and really wanted one of those big ice sticks he saw some of the boys carrying.  Food for thought.    


  1. Oh, my, the ears on Hazel's coat, soooo cute!

  2. Does Steve know how to skate then? I mean, being from upstate New York maybe it's a survival skill. And did you get on the ice?

  3. I want to go ice skating with everybody! Let's do that at Christmas when we're all there. What fun.