Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Things

October was full of good things.  While writing that last sentence a latent appreciation for some of the bitter experiences of life unexpectedly stole up from some unknown recess of self.  I feel a growing (and anxiety producing) awareness that it is the bitter that intensifies the sweet.  So today I'll delight in the sweetness of this last month while maintaining a hearty respect for everything that contributes to life's flavor.  This time with it's varying array of flavors is an unexpected joy.  

 Steve-o and Luke playing at the pumpkin farm.

Climbing monkey.  The flowers in her hair are a facade.  The reality is much more rough and tumble and dare I say tomboyish.

Sweet Niko.  He is almost always willing to throw a smile to the camera.

Papa came to visit!!  Pure bliss.  Need I say more?  

 Super Papa with superbaby.

Just chillin' on Roosevelt island.  Yeah we're cool like that here in DC.

Look Ma, I fit the entire fig newton in my mouth in one bite.

Ah, friends.

I can keep up with them.  No really, I can.


Contemplative Luke.  What do you mean there is no potty on this island?

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