Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) This could revolutionize my winter world so it makes it to the #1 spot!

2) Saw this on designmom.com and am dying to try it out!

3) This potato leek soup was sooo good and sooo easy.

4) Gut trouble. Try these enzymes.  Seriously working wonders in our house.  

5) Seeing huge balloons in everyone's pictures?  Here is one place to get some for your pics.  They have them in numerous colors.

6) Love this felt ball necklace.  And here is the expensive version.

7) Avocado would look so nice this fall!

8) Gonna do this spooky ghost craft with my littles tomorrow.

9) Amazing vintage cake plate.  One more gorgeous one with a lacy edge.

10) Photo classes by BlueLily.  They travel.  Check out if they are coming to you.  They are fabuloso!!

This is me at the photo class experimenting with catching motion.  

Had to include this cute pic of my darling boys (for the grandparents). 

Me experimenting again.

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