Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) We had this book when I was little and I was enchanted by it.  And here is their official website.

2) Love this store and especially this calendar that is now gracing the top of my desk.

3) And this Jonathan Adler calendar rocks as well.

4) This marinara sauce recipe.

5) Gotta love this site.

6) A friend recommended this child rearing book and while I haven't finished it, it is quickly moving to the top of my list along with this book.

7) I love flats. . .they just make more sense as a mom.  So these cute shoes are tops on my list and they are priced right too.

8) And staying with today's theme of flat, love these boots!

9) Sweet dishtowels.  I also love the lemon ones.

10) Dresses from this company.  I saw a link to this company on CJane's blog a couple months ago and decided I would try it for myself.  Love love that I can enter my height and other measurements as well as pick what length and sleeves I'd like.  I've ordered 2 dresses from them and adore them both!


  1. Love that calendar. I think I need that and the tea towels for my kitchen. Wish those shoes came in my size. The boots, though? I guess it's the doctor in me, but they look like being wrapped in a chocolate brown ace bandage! ;) I just found a flower fairies jewelry box at walmart that I might get Eva for Christmas. I loved those books!

  2. Paper Source...a total favorite of mine. I love their quirky books too. In the realm of parenting books...I'm picking up NurtureShock from the library tomorrow. The reviews are fascinating. And that dress site. You may have just completely changed my world. Seriously. Being 6 feet tall and trying to find a non-maxi dress long enough to cover my knees AND has sleeves...well, let's just say I WILL be trying this site...let me just get this baby into the world and some semblance of form back...I might become their best customer. Thank you!