Friday, October 22, 2010

Spooky Fall. . . well, not really

Here finally is a picture of the wreath I painstakingly made over a 4 day period.  Next time I buy a project I will also buy the tools suggested on said project's "Tool List."  Shaping each leaf using a Hello Kitty pencil took the wind out of my sails a bit. 

 Could these boys be any cuter?  They were crackin' each other up while their mamas crafted. 

The aforementioned craft.  So easy and so fun.  The after shot will have to wait for them to finish drying.  

 Our first batch of pumpkins died a quick death due to heat and squirrels.  I thought the second chance pumpkin might do better if I didn't carve it.  The squirrels disagreed.  Scary.


  1. Amazing. All these years in California with a huge squirrel population and I never had a squirrel attack a pumpkin! Virginia must have some mean squirrels.

  2. Holy cute boys! I love those photos of our happy kids. Thanks for a great Friday morning craft fest! We just carved round two of pumpkins...I predict they wont last a week.