Monday, October 11, 2010

Ordinary Superbness

This weekend was pure delight masked as an ordinary calendar Saturday.  Steve was almost completely free on Saturday so we got in the car for a trip to the park.  Driving past the fire station we saw awesomeness, excitement and radness stuffed into a colorful moon bounce full of children.  We quickly pulled over, plans changing at a glance.  The boys spilled from the car laughing and grinning and quickly ran to the bounce house without so much as a backward glance to see if we were going to follow.  They spent that first hour running over and through the moonbounce with short breaks involving oreos snatched from the food table.  Free lunch, the aforementioned oreas, getting to sit in the fire engine and meeting real firemen was topped only by the insanely fantastic opportunity to shoot the fire hose.  I suspect a few naive passerbys went home damp.

When life hands you a surprisingly tall glass of lemonade you drink it down baby, and then shake that cup for every last drop.  

Here is every last drop: 

Born for this job.  

A face of pure delight. 

"Mom, I really have to pee." 

"Personally I think that moon bounce thing is craziness!  This hat however is the height of fashion."

Moon bounce coma. 

This boy loves his pinky bear. 

 The two little jokers who were not quite as tempted by the thought of snoozing.

The End.



  1. I've never seen anybody other than a fireman handling a fire hose. How exciting was that?!

  2. I am glad you love days like that. They are my favorite.