Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gravely Point

Every five minutes you get the thrill of wondering if the next plane might miss the runway and land  on your head.  6 parts excitement and 6 parts sheer terror -- We loved it (except Hazel).  Our cousins siren call came Monday and we had to say YES of course.

And that's all I've got in me tonite folks.  Enjoy the view:

 I love this picture of Sarah, the cousin otherwise known as the baby whisperer, helping Hazel along.  Isn't that the beauty of family?

 "See look Hazel!"

 Action shot.

 Miss Mary was a little sad but nothing that a little time on momma's lap couldn't fix.

 Proof that I was there!

 Little Monkeys.

Nothing quite so nice as the company of cousins.


  1. So fun to see pics of your family!

  2. Cousin Time!!! You've got to love it. Wish we were there, too. Auntie Jill

  3. OH my word!! I can't believe how big those Johnsons are!!! Have we really been gone that long!? Crazy. Fun to see them on here - please tell them we said hello! That park looks like a place my kids would love, too. :)