Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) Cool Website.

2) Love this blog.

3) Temporary wallpaper.

4) Amazing shoes.

5) Coolest wall stickers ever!  Here is one sample but really you should browse the rest.

6) Nurture Shock.  Amazing book.

7) This is what I needed after a 2 hour drive to and from school this morning.  It was hellacious (the drive I mean).  This "beer" was introduced to me by my Grammy Marilyn and it is one of my faves.  

8) 3-D chalk -- saw it at a friend's.  Seriously cool.  Even I was having fun with it.

9) Kind of different silhouettes.

10) This is a twofer. . cause who doesn't love a twofer.  I saw these awesome illustrations on this friend's blog.  Enjoy!

The End.  


  1. Oh those knock-knees. Did you see them on Livi on tip-toes at Disneyland, staring through the rope fence? I feel, so, so...responsible.

  2. Will you please start a career in interior design? You already have all the resources and total obsession. Now a few client is all you need :)