Monday, September 13, 2010

Pirates . . . and well, Jesus

One of our Disneyland days took us to Pirates of the Caribbean.  The boys were decked out and ready for adventure using the trusty swords given to them at the Princess breakfast (that is another post).  After disembarking from the ride we ran into this fellow who proceeded to sword fight each of my boys.  Needless to say they were enchanted -- in between sword thrusts of course.

And while on the ride, the following conversation could be heard. . along with quiet laughing by those in the front of the boat:

L: Mom, mom, Jesus is in this ride.

M: I don't think so Luke.  Shh. . .

L: No Mom, He really is.  He really is.  I SAW Him.  He's the white guy.

M: Uh . .

(meanwhile, we pass some pirates who are perpetually trying to push a donkey to somewhere).

Luke pointing to the donkey, "See mom, I told you he's somewhere in this ride."


  1. This might have been my favorite sound bite from the trip. He should've mentioned this little tidbit to the 'night of joy'ers' and Pirates would've been a mob scene! :)

  2. What a great picture of our budding little pirates!