Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Friends, Old Friends

These four little people have been doing playgroup together for over a year now.  They play, they laugh, they eat (a lot) and sometimes they even fight.  I feel a humming sense of nostalgia and excitement all wrapped up in one as I watch them play. . . My own remembrances mixed with the knowledge of what they have to look forward to.  Reverberations of the past colliding with images of their future. 

I see myself with my oldest friend Joanna.  We've known each other for as long as you can know someone.  Preschool was the beginning.  Lying side by side reading different books and basking in the warmth of easy friendship was next.  Advice given at important milestones followed this.  And phone calls for support or just to catch up is our now.  I hope the end is a long way off.  

Friends from high school like Jessica who I could always count on to eat potato buds and Ben and Jerry's.  She had an angel's voice, introducing a beauty to my soul I would otherwise have missed. 

Eric, the older high school boy who this younger girl totally crushed on.  Amazingly kind enough not to laugh in my face but to instead introduce me to interesting conversations, a curiosity about and a thirst for life.  Eric taught me that the little kindnesses matter most.  And mostly I adore Eric for his wife (sorry Eric). He married wisely :).  E's wife is a kindred spirit and I wish we lived closer.  

My dear friend Jen.  Mission companion, roommate, confidant.  We "met" sitting on chairs in the stake president's office doing mission interviews and ended up as companions in the MTC a couple months later.  I remember getting the card naming her as my future companion and being totally intimidated because she was hipster cool and I was not.  I never should have worried.  We were (and are) complete opposites, but  being her companion was the easiest thing in the world to fall into.  It was like we'd known each other forever.  Thus far, we've had our children opposite each other (her 2 girls followed by a boy) and I continue to hold out hope that at least one of my children will get to call her "Mom" someday.   

A profusion of happy memories bombard me as I watch Luke jumping on the trampoline with his friends.  It's as if my own memory stretches wide to show me a hint of Luke's future.  Lucky lucky boy.  My heart feels warm.  Today I celebrate old friends.       

A is spunky, hilarious and totally independent.  Luke adores her and they can play together for hours.  

J is all boy.  He will sit behind the couch with toys and entertain himself for 2 hours.  His attention span for cars is to be admired.  

V is sweet and soft and gets along with everybody.  She never fights or hits or causes problems and all the kids like her.

My own little Luke.  He is funny and magnetic and everyone can't help but love him.  It feels like there is always something fun happening wherever he is.  His smile just reflects some inner light that's impossible to suppress.


  1. Lucky kids! Awesome photos--did you take those?

  2. Amazing pictures. What a photographer! Love,

  3. aw, shucks!
    old friends are the best.
    i was just remembering recently about the time we were sitting on a bus writing down all the things we wanted to do when we were wives and mothers. i'm dying to have that now, and have no idea which storage space that one is in! do you have yours???

  4. I did take those photos and I must give at least partial credit to my amazing camera :). And Jen, i will have to do some digging and see if I can find that list.

  5. I don't think there is a better compliment than to be on one's old friend list. Thank you. I see my children's friends and marvel that they don't know how special their place can be in future years. What is it about old childhood friends? Maybe because friends are always a are part of each other because they are part of the fabric that helped form what we are today...Current friends see the finished product, old friends went into buiding who we are today. Either way, I am grateful that I had a part of your life. I hope our kids have wonderful memories and great friendships.
    P.S. In all my years I would say that the only one who could ever beat you in creative, outlandish, and larger than life ideas was Anne of Green Gables and she was fiction!! Pippi would probably have you beat as well! Ok,in order: Pippi, Anne,then Mary.

  6. Just as you mentioned the words that have disappeared from your brain (I, too, suffer that same malady), I can't remember if I have told you of the role you played in bringing E and I together. It is significant and always part of the story if I'm telling the "long version" to "how we met." A funny web we weave!

  7. This is so great! How in the world did I not figure out you had moved blogs? I just kept checking the old one. I love this post and the sweet pictures of our kids.