Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Disney Please

"And so then I said. . . ."  
"No way!" 
"Yes Way!"

Lucky lucky Nikolai getting a ride on Uncle Ben's shoulders.  Uncle Ben is a wizard with the kids -- don't know what we would have done without him on the trip.  

Hmmmm, how can I get around the glass in the way of that delectable apple. . .

Photo Shoot behind the scenes.

The Princess Breakfast.  Hazel couldn't stop staring.

Nikolai loved the princesses but wanted to know where the fairies and fairy godmothers were.  

No joke, this girl talked and moved like Snow White.   Have you seen the movie?  It was uncanny. 

Luke cared more about practicing his sword skills than fraternizing with princesses.

Niko got to meet one of the fairy godmothers after the breakfast.  I think it was his favorite person to meet.  

Strut it like a supermodel.  You go girl.

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