Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School

Here are my rough and tumbles on their first day of school.  My heart squoze up when I had to leave them behind, but then I must admit after getting into that car with only one child, I began to hear the thud of another heart's anthem -- FREEDOM! 

I ran more errands before 11:30 am on that first day of school than I've gotten done on any other morning since getting on this crazy ride called It's a Small World (and I'm not talking Disneyland folks).  That still gave me an entire hour and a half to do whatever I felt inclined to do before going to pick up my little rookies.  I think I like school.  And I think they mostly like it as well.


  1. We apparently never finished that conversation we started awhile back. :) We need to catch up! p.s. Cute boys, I tell ya!!

  2. Love that Luke is missing a shoe. How cute.