Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) How can such cheery shoes not make you happy?
2) Interesting article sent from my friend Kris.
3) My mouth is watering just seeing this blast from the past.
4) Cool ties.
5) I wish they had these in a small enough size for my little men although my big man would look pretty hot walking around in these too.
6) Anyone ever tried this?  Looks like an easy on the go fix for feeding the littles.
7) I want this painting.  There is a wall in my family room just begging for this to fill the space.
8) Do you ever find yourself watching these infomercials and wanting to buy something?  Me too.  On my bucket list is to come up with something someday that can be bought on this site.  Enjoy.
9) Since I can't seem to get enough shoes in this post, here is one more link for good measure.  Can you say, ooohhhh, ahhhhh.  
10) And finally, this little tap dancing beauty makes me smile everyday.  I could just eat her up.  Is it normal to want to eat your young?  Anyone, anyone. . .


  1. Mary!

    Love your blog and that you post all of the time. :) And, just have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that painting. Order one for me too, okay? My latest painting craving is this one: adickes.net, trees & landscapes and it's the first one you see. Spring Trees, Three Bikes.

  2. Well, we're just talking about a little "munching", right? :) Eat away, eat away! I'm a fan--lovable and munchable children! :)