Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

**For picture relevance see #4:

1) Perhaps a little morbid but really quite necessary.  This is a great build a will site.

2) If your house has a for sale sign, I'm dying to see the inside. . well, even if it doesn't, I'm still dying to see the inside.  I LOVE houses.  We drag our kids to open houses just for fun and I have an entire file folder dedicated to cool floor plans.  I've already thought about what my dream floor plan would look like at different stages of my life.  So this cool house website is right up my alley!

3) I grew up on these Dare Wright books and now my kids are learning to love Edith and little bear too.

4) Baby leg warmers need no explanation.  Sometimes I think even I could use a little leg warmer love.**

5) So simple crown moulding.  Love big thick moulding. . Now look how easy and inexpensive it is to DIY.

6) I want one of these in my next home. . Seriously fixes my issue with putting the tv over the hearth.  Take your cursor on and off the pic to watch it change.  Ahhhh. . . . . Can you say conflict resolution in the Hales household?

7) This book.  Usually I devour books in one sitting (and sometimes I've been known to skip to the end) . . . This one however I've digested slowly, over the course of a month -- one vignette at a time right before bed.  It has been delicious, satisfying and enlightening.

8) This friend's food blog.  Can you say yummy?  You just know when she invites you for dinner it is going to be a culinary feast!  We may disagree on the type of peanut butter to use in Christmas candy but otherwise, she is right on :).    

9) These fireplaces. . .scroll down to the Lowe and the Stockholm.  Gorgeous!

10) If you're strapped for cash but want a new sofa here is an interesting option.  What do you think about putting together your own sofa?  Is that crazy?

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  1. You and your fake peanut butter balls... :) Thanks for the shout out!