Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today I felt rich.  Hours and minutes were packed with family, laughter, sweat, experience, and dessert. This day overflowed with good things.  As the sun goes down I'm left wishing I could lick the remaining hours. . . savoring every last drop of goodness.

It began with an adventurous bike ride along the Potomac.  Hazel tried the entire time to take her helmut off.  The fussing mostly stopped when we gave in and pitched it into the back of the cart.

Part I:

Get this thing off me!

Still trying to get this thing off.  

Happy in his boy cave.  

All the gear for THIS magical day.  

The best part was getting Papa along for the ride.  Everything is better with a little Papa in your life.

Proof I was there.  I even pulled the littles for awhile.  I've realized I need a little more prep for P90X.

Halfway done.  Look at those luscious red cheeks.  YUMMY!!

All tuckered out and they weren't even doing the work.  

And on the way home, I noticed #1 is getting hairy legs.  When did that happen?  And it made me nostalgic for this day that hasn't even ended yet.

And then Part II.  While Niko slept off his journey fatigue Luke and Hazel entertained me in the family room.  Hazel was in rare form, giving me not only her Mona Lisa smile but also occasionally giving in to the giggle welling up inside her and actually laughing out loud.  Her giggles spilled over me like bubbles.  I wanted to reach out and pop each one.

Part III
Bless good babysitters.  The big people got gussied up and went to Vermillion.  We dined on pure Amish farmed goodness, excellent conversation and perfect company.  An enchanting ending to an extraordinarily abundant day.

Look at little Finn peeping over his blanket.  He was an angel all evening, basking in our smiles, cooing at us then finally giving up and going to sleep.  

Just Pellegrino folks.

Called "cookies and confections", it was decadent and heavenly.  Homemade hostess cupcakes, donuts, fudge pops . . . 

. . . plus this unbelievable peach upside down cake with amaretto icecream.  The memory alone makes my mouth water. 

After dessert . . .

My self-portrait.  I'm trying to look dreamy.  Did it work?

Now Goodnight.  Sweet Dreams.


  1. love the dreamy look, Mary! :) Worked like a charm. What a fun day - and great pics, too!

  2. It was a fabulous dinner, indeed! Glad you got that picture of my dessert. That is my favorite kind of dessert EVER! A little bite of this and a little bite of that. :)

  3. awww, so sad we couldnt be there, that pic of all of you is almost complete - just no ma, tree, and dubaiers - and the dessert looks unreal! miss you, great post

  4. I'll trade your day for my day! Children screaming, running away, not eating then complaining of being hungry, meltdowns in the mall...that kind of day. And it's only 1 PM. I plan to poop them out in the pool after naps. Fingers crossed. Glad you are having dreamy days! It's fun to at least read about...if not live it. For now.

  5. I loved every minute of it. Let's do it all over again soon! Love, Dad

  6. Mary, you certainly are rich! What a beautiful family you have and what a beautiful day! That post was absolutely outstanding. Your writing describing everything was wonderful -- and the pictures were just perfect. I'm wondering if you did the photography too? Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Thank you for visiting my blog and your very kind comment. One meets the most interesting and talented people on BlogFrog.

  7. I did take the pics. . with my trusty panasonic GF-1. They are all taken with the 20mm pancake lense. I'm still learning how to work it, but it sure is fun! Thanks for your kind comments.

    And for those who think this is a normal day for us - it isn't! :) There is a whole lot more noise normally.