Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Letter

Dear Replacements (aka Ben & Jackie, or those who wrangled our brood for 8 days), 
Thank you so much for taking care of our 3 super easy children (ha ha!).  We thought we would give you a little advice for next time you sign up to be super nanny (to which you might be thinking--'what next time'???? ).  
1) You may not want to play too much with or do too many fun activities with said children.  It leads to things like Luke asking how soon you can come back a mere day after you left.  
It also leads to the neighbors telling me how they saw you racing up and down the street on trikes and scooters with our boys, whooping and laughing.  Those neighbors commented how much energy you guys have and how great you were with the kids.  
2) You may not want to speak too nicely to your charges.  Otherwise it leads to said neighbors continuing with, "And on top of all the fun they were obviously having, I never heard crying or screaming or shouting from that direction so they must have done great."  Which is great, except that it leads me to wonder what they think they hear when you guys aren't the ones in charge.  :)
3) You don't need to feed them so regularly or so well.  Keeping them guessing when the next snack is coming is fun and is a lot easier for their parents to live up to.
4) Feel free to complain when they throw tantrums or otherwise misbehave.   Forgetting this is the single biggest reason children might request your services again and again and again and again.  Forgetting this makes them love you.   

{I'm glad you forgot.}
Anyway, just a couple suggestions for next time you get strong-armed into watching someone's kids.  
We sure do love and appreciate all your efforts. 
lots 'o love,
Mary and Steve 


  1. How did you find them? I can't even get my own parents to come watch my ruffians. Tips! I need tips!!