Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love. . .

1) . . . my daughter's sweet leopard print shoes:

2) . . . LuLu rockin the shades:

3) . . . things Luke thinks are important enough to put in his trike basket to take on our walk around the neighborhood - 2 binkies and an old plastic monster truck.  Oh and don't forget the stick: 

4) My boys complete with scooter helmut and "magic wand:"

5) Hazel stealing Luke's trike when he's not looking.  Notice the 4th of July decor?  It's been there a full 2 years.  Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without. . we're totally wearing this out before we change it.  I think the decor has got another 2 good years of life in it, you?  

6)  Me Jane, them Tarzans:


  1. You know your sister grew up in the 80s when....
    she puts leg warmers on her 1 year old daughter. Next up: shoulder pads?

  2. How do you keep that trike so clean? Ours is constantly covered in dirt, food smudges, and paint. And I fully support the leg warmers. We have a drawer full of them. Thanks to etsy. Love the used it up, wear it out quote. I think of it often, as I try to motivate myself to be okay with not buying something new.