Thursday, August 12, 2010


I love August.  It is a bookend. . . or maybe a bookmiddle.  On one side it ends the carefree, ice cream eating, sunblock wearing days of summer and on the other end welcomes the hot chocolate drinking, fire crackling, sledding days of winter.  It is nostalgia and anticipation all wrapped up into one luscious month.  August is a month to savor.   

Popsicle eating soon gives way to spiced cider drinking.  

Nikels came to me and told me he had the perfect picture for my blog.  Then he posed everyone like this.  Could he be any cuter?  I love that boy.

Running on the grass and playing soccer turns into leaf pile jumping and eventually snowman making.

These favorite shoes will be traded for wooly socks and boots.

Lazy days at my sister's house become less frequent as Kindergarten starts.  Bittersweet that growing up thing.  I love this picture of Kate comforting Finn.  Mothering is an awesome task.

On the way home.  Yep, all three of them have binkies.  I make no apologies.  

Cool baths to wash off the stickiness of summer turn to steamy warm showers to comfort after brisk fall air.

I will miss all this.  I can't wait for what's next.  I love August.  


  1. What a perfect "screen shot" of an August day. You capture the feelings very well and the photos are awesome. You know of course, that I am your biggest fan!

  2. I like Niko's double plaid ensemble. Either he dressed himself or dad dressed him. Well done, dad.


  3. Please don't mention winter. I still have not recovered from last winter, and can't feel any anticipation past fall. :) I like August, too, And I love all the pics! Though I maintain that Eva's face paint mixed with popsicle drippings makes her look like a clown gone a little wrong. :) Love that picture with Finn, too. :)

  4. Your commentary is lovely. And your family....gorgeous. How are you, old friend?