Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

1) Zulily -- seriously good deals on amazing kids clothing!!!  Thanks mom for the tip.

2) Cool online mom resource.  The Mommy Times.

3) I am intrigued by these modular homes.  In fact, my dream is a plot of land with my pick of these homes, nestled among the trees, with a spectacular view.

4) I'm in love with this dress from Tea Collection.  It's not on sale but there are a ton of cute things that are.

5) Waiting not so patiently for this book to come out!!  Read the first two if you haven't already - so good, shiver.

6) Delicious babyfood.  Found at your local whole foods.  It definitely passes the smell test and Hazel LOVES it.  When you don't have time for your own, definitely a decent substitute.

7) This made me laugh out loud and maybe start to pee - I'm just saying.

8) This is the best cookie recipe in the world.  And the lady who makes them is also pretty amazing.

9) These kids shoes.  Pass the polka dots please.

10) The most amazing camera ever.  And it is mine, all mine (thank you honey)!  I'm in love with the sweet  pancake lens.  Look how well it captures mood swings :).


  1. waiting (impatiently) for mockingjay as well!

  2. I'm with you on the camera. It makes taking pictures fun again.

  3. Is this a church tantrum? So cute! Thanks for the cookie recipe, I'll try it!