Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

10) Awesome kids party planning site - so many fabulous ideas, many DIY.

9) These earrings make me happy.  Isn't that purple fabulous?

8) This store curls my toes.  If you live in Virginia, don't miss it!

7) If you haven't seen it for awhile, watch this movie.  That is hands down one of my favorite movie scenes. . . Here is the other.  Doesn't it just make your foot start tapping all by itself?

6) Just fabulous lighting.  I would have to go with the Period Basics Collection - specifically the Rhone light.  Ahhhhh. . . Or perhaps a little Deco.

5) My sister-in-law's design blog - Caitlin Wilson Design

4) This paper.  I frame different papers and voila, beautiful inexpensive art, easy to change out.

3) This tastes so good on your lips and makes them beautifully shiny too.   Plus anything with the word julep in the title is surely happy-making.

2) Like I said, I have a thing for anything julepy and this rocks my world.  I LOVE this shower gel.  It is just relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. . . And really it smells so good I've been tempted to taste it.

1) And my favorite thing this week is finding this little person lying on the upstairs landing when he should be sleeping.  A mischievous little grin breaks out on his face and he starts his favorite routine:

M:  Why aren't you in bed Luke?
L:  Um, mom could you get me some water.
M: There's water on your dresser.
L: Oh, well, could you get my pillow.
M:  It's right here Luke.
L: Oh, well could you lie by me and cuddle.

Overflowing, melty heart.

M: Of course.


  1. Love the earrings, Love Lucketts (but not sure I want the secret out! j/k, j/k...) and LOVE my little Lukey!!

  2. Just watched Footloose a few weeks ago. I don't think Eric had ever seen it all the way through. Who is he? It is truly a great classic.