Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Fascination

Did you know that the newest Disney fairy movie is called, "The Great Fairy Escape?"  No?  Well I do.

How, you ask do I know this?  Because my two boys who are usually found obsessing over helicopters and firetrucks have suddenly become enamored of Tinkerbell and all her fairy friends.  They ask to watch the Tinkerbell movie daily and ask me a continuous string of questions about fairy hollow and each fairies job.

I can't decide which part of this whole situation to be more worried about.  Firstly, the part where they are totally into FAIRIES!  Uh, does that need an explanation?  Or secondly, the part where maybe they are into fairies because one of said fairies is wearing a shimmery, tight, green, not even thigh length skirt.  These are very well developed fairies - and I'm not talking about character here.

In conclusion, I will leave you with Luke's very sincere final words to me tonite concerning Tinkerbell:

"Mom, Tinkerbell doesn't have a pe***."

Um, what am I doing wrong here?


  1. Even Tommy likes a Tinkerbell movie every now and then. But what really cracks me up is when he is interested in the Barbie movies that I get at the library for Caitlin. Even the manliest car lovin' boys can't resist.

  2. his final observation is hilarious!