Monday, July 26, 2010


There are days when superheroes come to visit my house.  Spiderman, Batman, and Princess Pea (I don't remember her from my youth, but my boys insist she's is a superhero).

They brood and plan.

They practice their superhero moves.

They climb trees and scale fences - almost in a single bound.

Spidey hanging on for dear life.  He wasn't sticking as well as usual today.

Batman "camouflaged" on a tree branch.

Spying on the superheroes secret meeting.  What do you think Spidey and Batman are planning?

The superheroes at our house don't save their costumes for trouble. . . They are proud to wear them to indoor play rooms, MickeyD's and anywhere else their Momma might need to go.


  1. Do your boys watch Super Why on PBS? Princess Pea is a super hero reader on the show! I am enjoying your new site!

  2. love these pics. and i still love superheroes too. especially these cute superheroes. was fun chatting yesterday. ill say it again....cant wait for sept!

  3. GREAT photos, love this children!