Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Sunny Side to the Wall of Matter-of-fact Living

My Hazel has been Hazel since before she was born.  In fact she's been Hazel from the time she was conceived, through the time when they told me she was a boy, until the end when they put her in my waiting arms.  Sweet Hazel is named for her great great Aunt, Hazel Bennet Baker.  Aunt Hazel was a journalist and an adventurer.  Reads an article about Aunt Hazel, "Mrs E.C. Baker has returned from a winter vacation trip of 8000 miles by bus, train and steamship to the north coast of South America."  I love the adventurous spirit that propelled her to undertake a journey of that magnitude, and I love that it was written up in the local paper :).  I can only imagine what the Alexandria Gazette would look like if they did that today.

My Grammie (Hazel's niece) recently sent me articles and papers about Hazel.  Tucked in at the bottom of one article was a poem written from Hazel to her daughter.  From my Great Aunt Hazel to her daughter and from me to my Hazel--what wonderful bonds of affection woven by love through the generations.  I like to imagine Aunt Hazel kissing my little Hazel goodbye before her journey here and wishing little Hazel good luck on her grand adventure.  

Lines to a Daughter

Between those who love, there is no question of
You are the inspiration to the joy of giving
and yourself the receiver too.
What you have given to me
have been the gifts of a deity;
More faith in myself--
An added urge to do, to be, to become.
More love for mankind, a closer sisterhood,
A wider sympathy, a fuller life;
A sunny side to the wall of matter-of-fact living,
A companion in dreams -- is real living, real giving.

                        --By Hazel Bennett Baker,  May 11, 1944

Everyday I thank God he gave you to me for even a minute.

I love your dimpled little bum . . . always on the move. 

Your mischievous little grin.  And the little gap between your teeth. 

The way you grab life with two arms and two hands.  You've got zest.  

The way you look at me with your kissable, lopsided mouth, checking my reaction to the events surrounding you.

You've got snap (known in some circles as attitude).  We always know just what you are feeling -- whether it be big smiles or grumpy wallowing in the boat.

You are determined.

Your smile melts my heart.

You are a doll.  And so much better than the ones from my childhood.  I get to dress and adorn you and I relish it.

You are my very own, "sunny side to the wall of matter-of-fact living."  Thank you Hazel.


  1. I am loving your new blog and the glimpse into little Hazel's personality.

  2. AND you have adorable hair accessories, Hazel!! Great pics, Mary! And I love the poem, too.

  3. Absolutely charming...both of you...and the things you say are pearls...Grammy Marilyn