Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Of Note - A Question

Some people ask why there is no music playing as melodious background to my verbiage?

Well, sweet questioner, it is because I have learned to enjoy the sound of silence.  Most days, the inside of my head looks quite similar to the picture above.  The silences in my life are so heavily outweighed by the noise of everydayness that I never introduce a single extra sound to my already cacophony saturated life.  

This used to be a point of contention in my marriage.  Read: it drove my hubbie crazy that I would turn off the radio every time I got in the car or silence the ipod when I walked into the kitchen.  8 years later we've called a truce and he lets me live with as much silence as possible and every so often I'll let him listen to music while I'm in the room (at a very very low volume - this works because I'm practically deaf).    
But mostly I choose silence because, if every moment is stuffed with sound, when would I have time to listen?

And speaking of listening, here is a conversation you might enjoy overhearing.  #2 looked at me just like this and asked:

L: Mom, why do leopards have tails?
M: Well perhaps to help them balance or to wrap around tree branches or something (don't ask where I came up with the tree branch thing -- I figure if they're gonna ask me crazy questions they're gonna have to go with it)
L: No mom, it's to help them jump on leopard trampolines. 

Of course!  Why didn't I think of that?


  1. Loved the superheroes and the cute picture of Luke with the leopard question. Do you realize that Mom turns off the radio in my car every time she gets in it? It drives me crazy.

  2. Ha! He never told me it drives him crazy. We have a lot in common. Funny.

  3. That is HILARIOUS!! I, on the other hand, turn the music on every time I get in the car. Music is a great getaway for me, which I clearly inherited from Dad. However, you and I BOTH got the gene where we love to mute the TV during commercials. And I know it drives your husband bonkers. ha ha. :)

  4. I LOVE silence. The whole day, while everyone is gone there is silence....and my brain thinking..! You are right, we have A LOT if noise the rest of the time.