Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a Normal Day

Sometimes at the end of the day I'll try to remember what I did and I come up blank.  Not Wednesday.


Plus these:

Equals hours of entertainment for these wandering bards:

Look at this delicious little playwright:

It was a fabulous play full of bear singing songs, rescuing princess pig and trying to wrestle an unwilling unicorn that just wanted to dance on top of the couch saying, "hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi" over and over again.  Mr. Bear was a bit frustrated by the unicorn's lack of understanding concerning play etiquette.

Hazel looked on from her perch on the table.  Going from this:

To this when Miss Piggy was rescued:

At some point Miss H decided she wanted to be more than just a viewer -- she wanted to participate.  Her part was short lived when her puppet disappeared.  After dinner, while cleaning up I found a treat waiting for me courtesy of Miss H the puppeteer.  She still has a bit to learn about the theatre:

After the play ended we went outside so Miss H could wander around and pick up the neighborhood trash -- she's good like that:

Thanks for watching.  Come again real soon.

Have a great weekend and see you on the other side.  


  1. mary - that first shot of your living room is gorgeous! it looks totally different from what i remember a few years back! love the hutch and the color of the wall.

  2. Sorry to miss the big theatre event. It looked so fun!!

  3. Um, how is it possible you have an EMPTY drawer in your house? I need you to teach me how to make that happen.

  4. um, that would be the picture you didn't see where the towels that should be in that drawer are all over the kitchen floor. No empty drawers in this house :).

  5. She is such a dolly! Great description, I wish I were there for the show!