Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hair like Jesus

Sometimes my kids make me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth:

N:  Mom, your hair is wonderful.  (to me as I'm blow drying my hair)
M: Thanks Nikels
N:  It's as nice as Jesus' hair. 
M: (laughing)  Oh and what kind of hair does Jesus have?
N:  Well Jesus is so nice that his hair must be so nice too.  
M:  Ah, I see.  


  1. What a compliment!! Funny that they compare things to him though. Tommy fell and scrapped his hands and later that night he said, "Mom I have owies on my hands just like Jesus."

  2. Mary that is such a great picture of your cutie! HE is so adorable! I hope we can get together when I come into town in a few weeks. We should meet up at Kate's house again. It would be so fun to see you!